Managing Thoughts Essay

There are numerous methods parties can use to cope with emotions in order that they have a constructive influence on conflict, rather than destructive a single. Anger managing strategies are likely the ones most widely discussed in negotiation and mediation text messages. These techniques include relaxation techniques, intellectual restructuring exercises, and connection and hearing techniques. These tactics are supposed to give disputants a way to share their upset feelings without having to be destructive or perhaps causing even more hurt thoughts. One way to get disputants to convey their feelings in a non-confrontational way is usually through " I-messages. " Theorists remember that people " who express anger constructively may present listeners having a rapid, actual and thorough description of their grievances and needs" that is informative and beneficial. [20]

Trauma healing is another way to help parties take care of their feelings. Victims of war and violence typically feel embarrassed, helpless, and hopeless. Additional emotional replies that generally result from stress include despression symptoms, intense dread, and panic. One strategy which can help parties to acknowledge and deal with shock and invisible emotions is storytelling. A lot of theorists mention that one explanation that prolonged conflicts get so " stuck" is that disputants tend not to feel deeply heard simply by one another and also the world in particular. Often this is due to parties erase their emotions from the narratives they tell about turmoil. The " story that each side tells to on its own and others regarding the conflict" does not point out the anger, hurt thoughts, humiliation, and shame that parties have experienced. In order to solve their turmoil, parties must begin to accept their invisible feelings in a manner that leaves dignity intact. Persons should have a chance to tell their particular stories of pain and oppression. The " truth-telling" that occurred in South Africa, for instance , allowed both black and white-colored citizens to convey some of their thoughts and begin to alter their shared...

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