Essay about Exit Interview  a way to get rid of it to Regret

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Exit Interview – A Way Out to Regret

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(Deepshikha Satija)


Research Scholar, Singhania School

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Under Guidance of:

Dr . Parul Khanna

MBA, Ph. M

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Institute of Management & Technology, Faridabad

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Prof. Deepshikha Satija, MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION (HRM & IT) by M. G. University Rohtak of 1999-2001 batch. She is currently operating as an Assistant Mentor in Indira School of Business Research, Pune, as last five years. Before she had worked in various capacities in corporate universe for more than five years in NCR. Contact: 9764257416, deepshikha. [email protected] air conditioning unit. in


Objective: To comprehend the Regret problems the organizations are facing today & to comprehend the importance of Exit Selection interviews, which can be a preventive application in the hands of Management to retain a persons Assets who also are indispensible in present day dynamic business environment. Attrition is voluntary and unconscious terminations, fatalities, and staff retirements that result in a lowering to the employer's physical labor force. There are several HR policies that companies currently follow such as providing a better work your life balance, performance based rewards, career creation programs to maintain the staff and inspite of this persons do keep organizations, as a result there is a enormous pressure for the HR, to generate some ground breaking tools, ideas to retain it is manpower.

Regret management as a result has become even more important in today's business scenario where organizations always seem to be in shortage of skill. Exit Selection interviews can be one of the handy equipment, if efficiently planned and implemented.

This paper aims at understanding the need for attrition managing in today's place of work, with reference to Quit Interviews while an effective device to manage Regret.

It's exactly about proactive, proposal of an employer and staff along various delicate wrong doing lines that each organization is founded on, fault lines that may at any point threaten to turn into main churn-quakes in the event not looked after at right time. Most of us take a more deeply look at these fault-lines as well as the reasons that trigger skill losses.

Keywords: Exit Interview, Positive and Negative Attrition, Retention, Approach, Turnover.


Is attrition important in the organization?

Worker attrition costs 12 to 18 months' income for each going out of manager or professional, and 4 to 6 months' pay for each leaving paperwork or hourly employee. In respect to a study done by an investigation firm, regarding 30% of employees intend to change job in the next 2 yrs. The statistics obviously can alter according to the industry dynamics. Even though employee yield can help organizations evolve and change, an American Administration Association review showed that four away of five CEOs view employee retention as a serious concern for organizational success. In the event that managers know the real causes of attrition, managers can control attrition and retain staff. Each stored employee can help you money and lead to better opportunities.

Benefits of Attrition

Attrition is not bad always if this happens in a controlled way. Some regret is always desired and essential for organizational development and growth. The only matter is how organizations separate " good attrition” via " awful attrition”. The definition of " healthy attrition” or " good attrition” indicates the importance of less productive employees under your own accord leaving the corporation. This means in the event the ones with left along with the category of low performers, the regret in deemed being healthful.

Attrition rates are considered being beneficial in some ways:

• In the event all personnel stay in the same organization to get a very long time, the majority of them will be at the top of their pay scale...

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