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Hypothesis: Female joblessness in the North West is greater than woman unemployment in the South East. To test my hypothesis I will compare forty five values of data from every region. Let me collect my data simply using a random test. I am going to make use of a random test because this approach to sample provides each independent value an equal chance of being utilized and it is likewise completely impartial. I will assign a number via 1 to 80( because there is a total of 80 components of data) to every piece of data. I will then use my calculator to make a list of randomly number between 1 and 80. I will do this by selecting the unique button forty five times. Finally I will match the numbers of the values in the info to the figures on my random list to develop my sample. This will make sure that my test is fair and completely unbiased. To get my sample I have used extra data. My own data can be discrete. Let me collect my data from

After I collected my own data My spouse and i sorted that from most compact to largest. I did the by selecting most of my data the right clicking on and selecting sort in smallest to largest. When I had carried out this I split both sets of my info up in the upper quartile, lower quartile and I found the median which has been my twentieth bit of data. After I acquired done this kind of I then figured out my interquartile range by taking my reduce quartile away from my top quartile which gave me the interquartile range. I got the top and reduced quartile and median by ordering my own data after which splitting it up into quarters. I then noted my greatest and least expensive values because this gives me the range of the info. Once I had fashioned recorded my highest and lowest value I used the lowest and highest worth to plan a box and whisker plot. My spouse and i used the greatest and cheapest values to create the scale. Then i used my own upper and lower quartile and the median to plot the box. We used the bottom quartile to plot quick the box, I had this by simply matching my personal lower quartile to the size along the underlying part. I used my higher...

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