How does your online agency work?

Everything what you want to find out about work of our corporation is located on the How It Works page.

Is it easy to order a paper?

With our simple order process, to get any paper you want is easy as pie. We have always available Support crew. Our workers always are ready to write down all the requirements of your order. In addition, you can order your paper via our website, by using our order forms. We have two of them: the first one serves to gather general information about your order; the second one gathers specific details about your paper.

When can I achieve an access to any discount program?

All our precious customers can have an access to our discount programs. If you a loyal consumer, you always can make a call and ask our Support crew to give you information about our available discounts.

What are possible methods to pass some files to the writing staff?

You have a few possibilities to send your files to the writing staff. First one is via Support Crew. The second one is directly to your writer.

Can you help me with the search of specific data sources for my work?

It is our duty to help you with complicated situations including search of rare sources. Thanks to our access to different articles and books, you can rely on us in this question. If it is impossible to get some rare pieces of writing, we will try to find a satisfying solution.

Who can help me to be aware of the status of the ordered paper?

You can find info on the status of your order by yourself, by checking your personal dashboard. Yet, our Support Crew also can help you in this question.

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How to handle the situation when I don’t like what you have written?

It is almost impossible, but if you don’t like what our writers have written for you, you deserve to get from our online writing corporation a free revision. Yet, to protect our writing company we have limited the period of time when you can demand for this option. You have only five days after the paper was delivered to you. Moreover, you can’t change anything in your previous requirements.

Is there a possibility of last minute changes from my side?

From your side you can demand for changes, but they shouldn’t be different from those that you have provided previously. If you want to ask our corporation for some urgent changes, you need to contact our Support crew.

What if I desperately need to receive my assignment now?

You set the deadline and we follow your desires. Yet, you can’t change your deadline, just because you want this.

What are the ways of getting my orders?

We use two methods to deliver orders to their owners. One copy is sent to your personal account on the website of our online writing corporation. The other copy is delivered to your email address.

What are the peculiarities of your other services, like proofreading and editing?

We have a few other very useful services that you can use. Among them are editing and proofreading. Check your papers by hiring the finest editors to fix everything that is wrong in your papers to make them perfect from all sides.

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Who is in charge of writing my assignments?

Our online writing corporation consists of the finest writers. This means that only the best of the best writing experts will be in charge of your papers.

Do your writing staff has the right qualification?

You shouldn’t have any doubts about the excellent qualification of our writing staff, because all of them not just got higher education at the best colleges and universities, but also deep experience in the writing sphere.

Is personal communication with your writing staff allowed?

We do not prevent you from direct communication with our writing staff, because this makes the work of our online writing corporation better and more effective.

Everything about payment peculiarities, plagiarism rules and policies of our corporation

Can your customers receive their money back?

Yes, our consumers can get the money they paid to our corporation back, if they have noticed any violations from our workers that are related to them and their orders.

What are the features of the revision policy of your corporation?

All the features of a free revision are perfectly described on the page that is called a “Revision Policy” page. Yet, there are a few main rules that every customer should be aware of. You have only five days when we allowed our consumers to get their free revision and you can’t demand from us anything that wasn’t previously written in the requirements of your order.

What is your attitude towards plagiarism?

If our writers don’t want to lose their job, they won’t dare to use plagiarized information. Yet, to verify whether they follow this rule, we always check your papers twice using special programs.

Is my confidentiality is sacred?

You confidential information is safe with our online writing corporation. We forbid anyone who works for us to pass our customer’s data to anyone.

Are my payments protected?

You can completely trust such payment system as PayPal. We use only this system and can protect you from any money machinations.

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