Effects of Modern Technology Essay

In society, technology has brought us amazing surprises every day. Someone statements that modern technology is setting up a single globe culture. We completely disagree with this statement. I will list several of my reasons here.

First of all, I believe that modern technology offers improved multi-culturalism and the connection between cultures. With modern communication technology such as TVs and mobile phones, we can see what folks at the opposite end of the world is performing, and using a modern plane, we can visit every part of the world. This will greatly help us be familiar with cultural diversity of this world, and we will discover how to appreciate the ethnic difference of folks from distinct part of the the planet.

Secondly, modern technology increases the conversation between civilizations. Eastern persons can learn good online from american culture such as politeness and self-cultivation; and western persons can also learn a great deal of very good virtual by eastern tradition such as modesty and filial pity of the parents. By communication, one culture can learn from different culture and evolve.

Additionally, modern technology helps us to preserve our social relics and world pieces, and discover our culture in the past. We can also explore and discover even more about the past, and also have a better knowledge of now as well as the future. For instance, Xi'an is known for its statistics of a warrior and horse buried inside the emperor's tombs. In the modern world, all of us explore a few of these tombs in order that we would be familiar with remote and longstanding lifestyle of Qin Dynasty in China's background.

Indeed, modern technology has shorten the distance between cultures, to make this world small. But all of us cannot say that it is making a single world culture. To the contrary, with the help of modern tools, we find this world more and more diversify and colorful.

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