Essay on e-gov

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The GovHK Net Portal sama dengan G2E

Smart identity cards= G2C & G2G


M-Government= G2B + G2C

Joined-up Government Projects= G2G

Hong Kong Education City= G2C

ETS e-logistics = G2B

GETS = G2E & G2G

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Facilitating a digital economic system;

Promoting advanced technology and development;

Developing Hk as a hub for scientific cooperation and trade; Enabling the next generation of public companies; and

Building an inclusive, knowledge-based society


In our opinion the HKSAR is at level 3. What this means is we believe they have multi purpose portal such as their ESD scheme plus the education plan. However , they can be not quiet stage some yet as they do not have portal personalization at this point.


In stage 5, government puts more power into the customers' hands by letting them customize portals with their preferred features. Additional benefit of site personalization is the fact governments obtain a more accurate keep reading customer preferences for digital versus non-electronic service choices. State and county governments and several countries have now applied such portals. 5.

The Taiwan page seems to be by stage some as it appears portal customization is possible. General they all apparently offer services for putting on legal paperwork. We found the Singapore page was laid out with an easier style and on first impressions seems to present more companies than the different two cities, for example paying school charges online and the option of converting your current driving license into one that is suitable for Singapore's regulations. Also the Taiwan page offers connections to online communities hinting towards development of a stage 7 e-government.

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