Dominican Republic Essay

The Dominican Republic is a country to become explored. It is located in the Caribbean Ocean and uses up sixty-six percent of the tropical isle of Hispaniola. The nickname of the Dominican Republic may be the " Danang Dirty Chicken. "

The Dominican Republic is located near the United States in the Caribbean Sea and mountains individual the Dominican Republic in to northern, central, and freebie southwest regions. The mountain with the lowest point is the Logo design Enriquillo which is 46 meters, and the top mountain is a Pico Duarte which is 3175 meters. Their capitol can be Santo Domingo. Some significant cities happen to be San Juan, San Cristobal, Santiago de los Calleros, and La Romana. However in most, there are 31 provinces (states) in the Dominican Republic. A few major streams are the Yaque del Darte and Yaque del En allant sur. There is 18, 712 rectangular miles of land, as well as the Dominican Republic is surrounded by the North Atlantic Sea, the Carribbean Sea, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. The Dominican Republic is basically a small island. Today let's take a look at what the people of the Dominican Republic are like.

Currently, the people of the Dominican Republic can be 8, 833, 634. The main ethnic teams that make up the Dominican Republic are white or Western (16%), black (11%), and mixed, that means mulatto (73%). The number one religious beliefs in the Dominican Republic is usually Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics make up 95% of the spiritual groups. The other 5% is made up of Simple and other. The languages spoken there are Spanish, English, France, Italian, and German, plus the Dominicans preferred sport to play and watch is Baseball. The vast majority of people perform services for the living. Providers that include travel and leisure, transportation, communication, and finances, and this comprises 60. 2% of the workforce in the Dominican Republic. Sector makes up 12-15. 5% in the workforce, structure makes up eleven. 7%, farming 11. 3%, and mining makes up 1 ) 5% in the workforce in the Dominican Republic. Some holiday seasons that are recognized...