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Unit doze – Tech support team (Assignment 1) –P1

Simply by Hayden Razor-sharp

Table of Contents

Intro 3

Remote Desktop3-5

Monitoring Equipment 6-7

Other Software8-10

Administrative Tools11-12


IT Technical Support (P1)

In this report will be investigating different tools and techniques intended for technical support. This will be aimed at the help office solutions pertaining to both system and computer software. I will be discussing network monitoring tools, remote desktop/assistance, command collection tools and control panel ammenities.

Distant desktop assistance

This computer software allows an individual can to gain access to your computer whilst on a different pc mainly professionals or managers so that they can then simply fix the pc from a unique location this will make it easier intended for the technicians to fix the computer without having to go to the location. It is also used to gain access to files from work on their home computer. To set up a remote desktop you need to click the start menu at the bottom left corner then clock about control panel. This will likely then open up a new window here you have to click on " RemoteApp and Desktop Connections” to access the setup window.

Click to spread out start menu

Click on the control panel from the start menu

Click here to get into the remote control access set up

Once exposed a windowpane should look telling you what computers you are currently connected to. That you write in the cue section hand aspect you would find two options, one to return to the control panel home and another saying to setup a new remote personal pc connection. Current connected Desktops

Click here to create a new distant connection

To incorporate a new remote control desktop connection, simply type the LINK address in case the computer you wish to access the existing computer. Each time a problem happens on your computer therefore you call a technician, they will give you their particular URL talk about so that they can gain access to your computer using their company. Guide on distant desktop

Add URL of the pc here

Monitoring Tools & System Analysis

Monitoring equipment is a item of software/ components that allows users to monitor resources and gratification on a personal computer. This could be beneficial as it enables a technician to keep an eye on the computer program and to decide if there is nearly anything happening that shouldn't be. It can also be used to see if any applications and applications that have been installed are deterioration. A Specialist would be able to use such tools to find out if perhaps there are any kind of programs or perhaps errors for the system which have been affecting the performance of the computer Glass windows 7 might have a built in functionality checker that may be accessed throughout the control panel in the start menu.

Click to open start menu

Click on control panel from the start menu

Once you have opened the control pannel, a screen just like the one below will need to open. Through this window are definitely the settings pertaining to the computer program, such as device manager, management tools, end user accounts, program perfromance and tools, amongst others. It is using this window that a user or technician could solve almost all of the faults that occur over a computer system. Record of tools that can monitor and diagnose a computer program

Windows 7 permits users to rate and improve their personal computers performance. This can be accessed throughout the control panel with the start menu. This is a handy characteristic to have as it easily accessible and gives back a report with scores about every single component and a help guide as to what this implies.

The score of each element

Third Party Application

There are additional means of monitoring and figuring out the computer program apart from the arrears tools which might be already installed on the os such as alternative party software. Some third party software can be a much more useful and efficient the fact that default tools. It can help to maintain, manage...

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