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Definition of corporate communication4

Functions of corporate communication5

Definitions of Identity, Image and Reputation7


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The business which this report depends on is known as Mirihi Isle Resort. Mirihi Island Vacation resort is a elegant resort positioned in a remote island in South Ari atoll of Maldives. That consists of thirty-six rooms via 6 will be beach rentals and the staying 30 happen to be water villas. This hotel is under Crown Company (Mohamed, 2014). There are total of 145 staffs blended from almost all levels. 60 per cent of the employees are via Maldives as well as the rest of the ecuries are via India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, Thailand and the like. Their motto is " Mirihi as " unique” as you”. Like because said in the slogan, Mirihi is a very unique resort. Zero wearing of boots or flip flops, no motor-driven water sports, not any night animation and no Video's in the room makes their customers feel like being in Maldives and unique (Mohamed, 2014). Eye-sight

Mirihi's perspective is to be often on top of all of the Maldivian areas in service and standard wise to make demanding for various other hotels. To be most quiet and relaxing resort near your vicinity as well never pushes upon sales. Respect all different lifestyle by providing precisely the same levels of providers. Staffs will probably be well trained for an quality services and try highest to stimulate the staffs by whatever possible approach (Mohamed, 2014). Mission

From this highly expanding tourism industry; their purpose is to maintain your guests satisfaction up to the normal while providing services within a quick and efficient method. Focus on improving service common by watching difference between the resorts and from guest's feedbacks. Maintain the cleanliness with the rooms, elevating the food top quality rapidly, ongoing updating the information and training for the ecuries, flexibility, producing customer feels special as well as " almost everything is possible" attitude would be the best positive aspects to achieve the goals. Never stop trying until obtain the target (Mohamed, 2014).

This report will probably be evaluating and analyzing the corporate communication of Mirihi Island Resort.


Definition of business communication

Corporate communication is definitely managing an organization's external and internal communications while using purpose of building and preserving favorable reputations with its different audience to the mutual benefits of both also to its superior competitive benefits (Kalahub, 2009), (Richard, 2000). Corporate communication includes promoting, public relations and marketing, marketing communications, but they all function under a handled perspective (Kalahub, 2009).

Functions of corporate communication

There are plenty of functions of corporate connection. Among a few of them are mentioned below. Mass media Relations

Among all the features this may be the function for which corporate communication managers are very well known. It is because they are engaged in the multimedia relation performs, where they should write and distribute news releases with responding to multimedia enquiries. Business communication manager have to supervise all planning for news conferences. Also the manager has to arrange every thing needed for the spokesperson appearing on the local television plus the radio courses. In addition to that the manager also have to monitor every one of the news broadcasters and other retailers to see what the media can be talking about the...

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