Corn Caf Essay


Corn positions second to rice, not only in terms of area devoted to its creation but it has become a staple food of about 20% of the total population with the Filipinos. Besides this, the green corn, boiled or roasting, is a popular snack food and may end up being cooked a vegetable or soup. Other by-products of corn contain corn flour and syrup, sugar and oil. Regarding nutritive worth, corn can be richer method to obtain vitamin A than refined rice. It includes high amounts of minerals just like calcium and phosphorous. Furthermore, it is also a source of starch derivatives to get oil, fibres and other professional uses.

Corn is increased as source of food and food products for individuals, livestock give food to, and commercial products including ceramics, explosives, construction components, metal conforms, paints, paper goods, materials, industrial alcohols, and ethanol. Corn is currently also used to produce a healthier coffee because people today are health-conscious.

Since corn coffee was introduced in the Manila industry by the farmers of Sumilao, Bukidnon, even more study regarding corn caffeine in Location III (Central Luzon) was performed since hammer toe is considerable on the explained region. Syndication of questionnaires and analysis activities carried out to determine the regularity distribution of corn espresso in the market as this is not the first to expose corn espresso in the Filipino market specially in Manila. On the data gathered, 98% from the respondents will be coffee consumers, majority of options young pros, 91% of those have no information about corn espresso, 88% are able to try corn coffee and 22% do not know what would corn espresso would taste like.

With this data, Le Maiz come up on marketing strategies the right way to introduce and expand the corn caffeine market in Region 3 and NCR. Corn CafГ© is an alternative to coffee beans that may be rich in nutrients that coffee beans can not present. The company's objective is to easily fit into and adjust to the people's taste and preferences along with...

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