Resume Composition

Kevin Frederick L. Felipe

#0992, Purok 2, San Agustin

Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002

January 3, 2013

Pascual Laboratories They would. R.

Pascual Lab. Inc., McArthur Motorway

Balagtas, Bulacan

Dear Pascual Laboratories:

Great day to you Sir/Ma'am. My spouse and i am Kevin Joseph D. Felipe, an aspiring staff of Pascual Lab. My spouse and i am writing to you to obtain any location that involves clinical work (Laboratory Analyst/ Associate, Quality Control/ Assurance, Laboratory Analyst for waste water). I was also available and willing to entertain positions where my personal skills and credentials can be applied.

During my stay in the school, I was affiliated with different university wide events as an officer of the College's Natural Society. The group carried out various tasks relevant to our field of study like peer-teaching, tree planting activities, as well as jobs with social welfare contribution like each of our yearly Blood Letting Project and Reddish colored Cross Helping out. I went to seminars and leadership camps with particular focus on environmental protection and sustainability that enabled myself to understand deeply the role of human kind in the safeguard and preservation of our normal resources.

Each of our group analysis entitled " Phytoextraction Potential of Went up Moss Flower (Portulacagrandiflora) on Lead-Contaminated Dirt in Different Dirt Treatments” especially studied the plants functionality in removing the rock Lead (Pb) from infected soils collected by the water banks in the Marilao River in Bulacan. Prior to experimentation, we examined for the initial Pb content material of the dirt and found that there is a high level of Pb inside the soil that is not surprising intended for the collection web page is near a car battery pack smelter. In the experimentation correct, we employed the plant and different soil amendments/treatments to aids on phytoextraction. Final testing showed that biomass promoting treatments boosts the plant's phytoextraction capability. The findings proved that the Rose Moss are now able to add up to the...

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