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Connotative Power

The Lesson Actions will help you fulfill these educational goals: 21st Century Skills—You will employ on-line tools for research and analysis and use critical thinking.


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Self-Checked Activities

Browse the instructions for the following actions and key in your answers. Click the link to the Student Answer Sheet at the end of the lessons. Use the answers or test responses to evaluate your personal work.

1 . Identifying Associations

a. Make a decision whether the daring word in each phrase is by using a denotative or connotative which means:

• Wendy hit the tennis ball.

• Phil bought a online at the truck lot.

• They often serve a lot of strange foods at that restaurant. • I actually told my younger buddy that he shouldn't be this kind of a baby. • Kevin analyzed most of the night time for the SAT.

Type your response here:

| |Denotative or Connotative? | |hit |Connotative | |cheap |Denotative | |strange |Connotative | |baby |Denotative | |studied |Connotative

n. List what from the previous activity which can be denotative in meaning. For every word detailed, rewrite the sentence that uses the word, replacing the denotative term with a connotative word (or phrase). The connotative meaning can be positive or negative.

Type your response below:

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2 . Forms of Connotations

a. For each and every sentence here, state if the sentence provides a negative, positive, or fairly neutral connotation and after that rewrite the sentence so it has a distinct connotation.

Type your response here:

|Original sentence |Connotation |Revised Sentence | |They gobbled desserts by Alison's get together. |Negative |They ate puddings at Alison's party. | |We viewed the skull cap fly above the mountains |Neutral |We patrolled the eagle fly over a mountains for the west. | |to the west. | | | |Dan and Marsha include accepted a dozen foster |Positive |Dan and Marsha include okayed 14 foster children into their | |children into their house. | |house. | |Tom is definitely studying for the job in the medical |Neutral |Tom can be pondering for the job inside the medical occupation. | |profession. | |

b. In 1999, Elie Wiesel gave a speech called " The Perils of Indifference” in Buenos aires, DC, to deal with his experience as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp concentration camp and his worries about society's indifference to the suffering that continues into the twenty-first century. Read the speech and find six examples of text message (word or perhaps...

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