Essay on Code of Ethics

I've chosen the ethic -Selling products the company knows are harmful or addicting to customers. A real world example of selling products that addict consumers or are harmful keeps good for the cigarette companies. A warning-smoking is harmful to health is written on the load up, both the consumer and the owner ignore. The vendor is oriented towards minting money through the sale through the cigarette plus the consumer staying addicted to this cannot quit smoking . According to Surgeon Standard smoking cigarette causes Cancer, cardio-vascular, Lungs and Center Diseases and emphysema. Once expecting women smoke this complicates all their pregnancy and it brings about stillbirths. The new borns will be most impacted by smoking anticipating women. Placing myself in the role in the Vice President of promoting of Philip Morris UNITED STATES in the 1960s, the public was not aware about the dangerous effects of the cigarettes; the corporation is aggressively marketing cigs, conducting promotional initiatives in both equally print and electronic multimedia to boost product sales. Today's junior are inspired with the trend and consider smoking to be the modern signal, the acknowledgement within their peer groups led the youth to receive addicted to cigarettes. Revenue era is the principal motive of both the authorities and Big Tobacco companies. A common practice should be to downplay the important points, in spite of the actual harmful associated with smoking. Philip Morris USA Inc. has its own stakeholders, many are directly affiliated with the organization in supplier, financer, employee and consumer level as main stakeholders. The secondary stakeholders are not immediately involved in the organization they are the media, government, particular interest groups-WHO and their market competitors; they influence the business and primary share holders to some extent. According to the Carroll's pyramid of CSR-Corporate Interpersonal Responsibility any business to be successful, it should match all the four elements into its business approach. Philip...

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Being a regular feature more focused technological research are required to be conducted and the development team should certainly devise meaningful ways to decrease harmful associated with the cigarettes and the chemicals in the cigarette. It will probably be implemented by the production department and the merchandise head will be responsible for regular review.

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