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In Cold Blood Log

Record Entry Prompts| Specific Fiel EvidenceRecord the passage and page number| Journal ResponseProvide at least one particular adjective to explain Capote's attitude toward the given subject matter; then, describe how the selected passage helps that meaning.  Type reactions. See the model on the prior page. | 1 .  Find at least one passageway that describes Capote's frame of mind toward this town of Holcomb. | " The town of Holcomb stands within the high wheat or grain plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call ‘out there. '... The area is toned, the landscapes are perfectly extensive; horses, herds of cattle, a white group of wheat elevators increasing as gracefully as Ancient greek temples are visible well before a traveller reaches them. ”pg. 3

| Tranquil. Holcomb can be described as place wherever everybody can be friendly and isolated. The landscape alone is very relaxing and serene, he also compares that to ancient Greece. Those of Holcomb only connect with the persons of Backyard City and so everybody is very close-knit. | 2 .  Find at least one passing that identifies Capote's attitude the Muddle Family (collectively or individually). | " die-hard community booster” pg. 21| Popular/Well known. Capote says this specifically about Herb, although Herb might not be the richest person in Holcomb he still is constantly working for the community. Even the way he identifies Herb makes him appear to be the perfect man. Everybody in Holcomb understands, respects and likes the Clutter relatives.  The remaining Clutter relatives are simply best people especially the kids. The mother, Bonnie is different she's always ‘nervous' with some psychological disorder. | 3.  Find at least one passing that describes Capote's attitude toward Perry Smith. | " There is this one health professional... she'd fill up a tub with ice-cold water, put me in that, and carry me underneath till I used to be blue. Almost drowned. (128)| Innocent. Perry has reasons to be the way in which he is, that's what Capote is getting by because he a new...

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