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Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter deals with the brief summary of results, conclusion and recommendation to the present study based from the perception of the participants. The conclusions given had been drawn from the outcomes of the exploration and observations in the improvement of the third Island Cove Resort of respondents which composed of guests in the holiday resort and people who live nearby inside the resort. Moreover, recommendations had been base from your findings and conclusion with the study. Summary of Studies

After doing the study " Challenges of 3rd Area Cove Holiday resort as a basis for Improvement” the experts have come up with the following findings. 1 . General Profile with the Respondents

1 . 1 Age group. The majority of the participants belonged to the 41-50 age bracket. 1 . a couple of Gender. Man respondents focused the group

1 . several Occupation. Most the respondents were used.

1 . 5 Nationality. Many the participants were Philippine.

2 . Assessment of the Respondents

2 . 1 Amenities and Facilities.

The participants from San Juan, Batangas were pleased with the Amenities and Services of third Island cove resort and rated that Very Great, the participants were specifically happy with the superb air-conditioned features within the resort. 2 . two Accommodation.

The respondents via San Juan, Batangas were delighted with all the Accommodation of 3rd Isle cove vacation resort and ranked it Extremely good, the respondents had been especially happy with the allnight electricity and water supply. several. Challenges experienced by the Respondents

3. 1 Amenities and Facilities.

Majority of the participants in San Juan Batangas disagrees while using challenges they may have experienced inside the resort in San Juan, Batangas with regards to Amenities and Facilities. Nevertheless the respondents agrees the there is a lack of security within the establishments (e. g. CCTV had been situated in limited areas only), while some minimally agree that there were even now jellyfish targeting resorts guests despite marine shore nets

3. two Accommodation.

Most the participants in San Juan, Batangas minimally disagrees with the challenges they have experienced in the holiday resort in San Juan, Batangas in terms of holiday accommodation. Respondents concur that there is lack of security personnel inside the resort, you will discover garbage within the oceans shore which Online reservation encounters issue.

4. Current Measures Seen

5. 1 Amenities.

Majority of the respondents in San Jaun, Batangas agrees with the current steps done Amenities and facilities. And they highly Agree which the resort has its own water container, however the disagree that there is a security system intended for the hotel. 4. 2 Accommodation.

Most of the respondents in San Jaun, Batangas agrees with the existing measures required for Accommodation. And so they Agree the resort has its own cleaning routine to make sure the resort is often clean, however they disagree the online process is user-friendly.

5. Recommended Recommendations

five. 1 Services and Facilities.

The respondents decided on the need for improvement in Facilities and Establishments in order to appeal to customers and making it hassle-free and comfortable to them in every likely way. 5. 2 Holiday accommodation.

The respondents agreed on the need for improvement in Accomodation produce customers comfortable and comfortable within their stay. Realization

On the basis of the foregoing findings, this conclusion were drawn: 1 . Installing the most recent security system could make the customer feels safe and comfortable. 2 . Upgrading or Upgrading the website will and which makes it user friendly could be more convenient intended for the customers and so making the resort more profit. several. Putting up a shops inside resort would provide easy access to the basic demands for the purchasers. 4. Putting up additional netting will minimize or totally preventing the jellyfish which have been going through the nets. a few. Having the uniqueness and low cost attracts even more customers to 3rd Island...

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