Catalase Test to Investigate Chemical Kinetics Using Different Concentrations of the Enzyme Essay

Matthew Saldanha

Biography DCP lab-Catalase experiment Aim: To investigate enzyme kinetics, using different attention of the chemical. Hypothesis: The assay system used in the lab consists of a filtering paper compact disk coated together with the enzyme plus the dropped right into a papercup of substrate (Hydrogen Peroxide). While the hydrogen breaks down the hydrogen peroxide into hydrogen and fresh air gas, the bubbles of oxygen gas collect beneath the filter and make it rise to the surface with the hydrogen peroxide. The time it will require for the filter to increase is a sign of the price of the price of enzyme activity.

Charge of enzyme activity-distance



1 ) A specific fat enzyme

installment payments on your Filter papers

3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution

5. A colocar rule

a few. A forcep

6. Searching for stop watch

six. A 50ml beaker


1 . Different concentrations of chemical used happen to be 0. 1g, 0. 2g, 0. 25g, 0. 3g, 0. 35g, 0. 4-g, 0. 45g, 0. 5g. 2 . Take 40ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide answer in a beaker. Measure the entire solution in mm. a few. Using forceps immerse the filter newspaper disc in the catalase solution of provided concentration. four. Allow the disc to absorb the enzyme remedy for 5 seconds, then simply remove it and drain of the excess enzyme solution simply by touching the filter newspaper to the border of the beaker. 5. Drop the compact disk into 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

6. The oxygen produced from the break down of Hydrogen Peroxide by simply catalase becomes trapped inside the fibres of the disc causing the dvd to drift to the surface of the solution. 7. The time (t in seconds), through the second the disc splashes the solution for the time it reaches the is a great indirect way of measuring indirect activity. 8. As soon as the disc extends to the surface record the time taken in a table in your laptop computer. 9. Clean your beaker and repeat the process 4 more times to get the required....

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