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Procedure Guide 3768/3769

Getting Acquainted

Congratulations on your own selection of this kind of CASIO watch. To get the best of your purchase, be sure to check out this manual cautiously and keep it on hand at a later time reference when necessary.


The fishing/hunting level indicator and moon phase indicator produced by this enjoy are all based upon calculations involving the watch's current period, date, and Home Internet site settings. For this reason, you should make sure the fact that current particular date and period, and your Residence Site info are all right before making use of the indicators. • When fishing or hunting, always take proper safety measures to ensure your very own safety and the personal protection of others with you. • Remember that the fishing/hunting level indication and celestial satellite phase indication are all based upon calculated values. They are provided only for guide purposes. • See the " Timekeeping” portion of this manual for information regarding setting the present time and date, and about specifying your property Site.

About This Manual

Module 3768

• The detailed procedures intended for Modules 3768 and 3769

are identical. All of the drawings in this manual show

Module 3768.

• Button procedures are suggested using the albhabets shown

inside the illustration.

• For the sake of convenience, the test displays in this

manual tend not to show the analog hands with the watch.

• Each part of this manual provides you with the

information you need to accomplish operations in each

function. Further specifics and specialized information could be

found in the " Reference” section.

Module 3769

Standard Guide

• Press C to change by mode to mode.

• In any function (except if a setting display is for the display), press B to illuminate the face of the watch.

Keeping time







Day of week

Month – Day time

Hour: Minutes Seconds

This watch features separate digital and analog

timekeeping. The procedures pertaining to setting the digital period

and analog time are very different.

• The Moon period indicator shows the current Celestial satellite

phase relative to the current day as held in the

Keeping time Mode.

• The fishing/hunting level indication indicates the times

when fish or game can be expected to be feeding. Intended for

more information, discover " Fishing/Hunting Mode”.


• Make sure you configure the current time and date, plus your Home Web page data (data for the internet site where you utilize the

watch) effectively before making use of the functions of this watch.

Discover " Home Site Data” for more information.

Digital Time and Date

Utilize Timekeeping Mode to set and view an electronic display in the current exact date and time. When establishing the digital time, you can also configure adjustments for summertime (Daylight Saving Time or perhaps DST).

To set the digital time and date

1 ) In the Keeping time Mode, hold down A until the

mere seconds start to expensive, which indicates the setting


2 . Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown

below to select the other adjustments.








several. When the establishing you want to alter is flashing, use N and Deb to change this as defined below.

Display screen



Dual Time


Hands Setting




Fishing/hunting level


PM sign

Countdown Termes conseilles


To get this done:

Reset the seconds to 00

Toggle between Sunlight Saving Time (ON) and

Standard Time (OF)

Replace the hour or minutes

Replace the year

Replace the month or perhaps day

Accomplish this:

Press M.

Press Deb.

Use M (+) and B (–).

4. Press A two times to exit the setting display.

• The first press of A exhibits the UTC differential setting screen. Pressing A again exits the setting display.

• Resetting the just a few seconds only (without changing the DST, hour, or small setting) causes the analog minute palm setting to be adjusted instantly. • Observe " Digital Time Daytime Saving Time (DST) Setting” below pertaining to details about the DST setting.

• The afternoon of the week is exhibited...

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