Case Study: All-American Girl Article

Katie Jordan was obviously a college graduate and seemed to be a very trustworthy person. The lady started doing work for Aramis Real estate when the lady finished college. This was her first task so she was very excited. Katie was cheerful and excited about the ability that she was given and wanted to do a good job so that she could move up in the company. Katie was chosen as an onsite property manager. Her responsibilities were to display apartments to prospective tenants, collect hire, and regulate a protection crew. Katie was in charge of running the morning to day operations from the complex. She reported to a man called Gil Fleming. Mr. Fleming really enjoyed Katie as a result of her eagerness and she was incredibly good at her job. No one had any kind of complaints about Katie, and when the business acquired one other apartment complex, they asked Katie to run it. The modern job will be away from the company office buildings. She would include very little oversight. Mr. Fleming trusted that she would execute a great job. Having been unable to go Houston typically so , that let Katie unsupervised. Katie had a fiancГ© that was injured in a motor mix accident and left him without salary. He likewise did not have got any medical health insurance to pay out the medical bills. Katie's life began becoming hard and your woman found herself strapped for cash. A staff on the maintenance crew called Manuel stop his job and the girl saw that as a possibility. Since Katie was the just person that worked in the office place who realized that Manuel quit, it was her opportunity to make a little extra cash. There were no digital time clock and so the employees got paper period cards. That they turned in enough time cards to Katie and she agreed upon off about them and delivered them to the corporate office. Once the paychecks had been processed, the corporate office would send them to Katie and she would deliver them. The girl cashed the first make sure that she received for Manuel at a liquor retail store. She noticed that this system was doing work so your woman continued on with it. If the maintenance team...

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