Case Examination - Ebay Essay


My spouse and i. Background in the Study

A pioneer and a market head in the online public sale industry, amazon has been able to grow the company significantly within the last decade around turbulent times for many contemporary dotcom companies. EBay's technique to focus on a distinct segment market and differentiate by itself through good brand managing and ongoing improvement in the value-added solutions has enabled the company to protect the market command in the industry. Even though many new competitors have entered into the industry, eBay continued to set their sight in serving and growing. From its no-registration, no-fee, grassroots trading company referred to as Auction Web established in 1995, auction web sites has grown to become in a league by itself. It provides safe place where sellers and buyers from all over the world can come with each other to engage in commerce. Craigs list is currently the top-ranked online auction business within the industry, which has a sizeable discuss of internet users registered on its internet site. People take more time on time in eBay than any other on the web site, making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet. There may be actually without doubt that craigs list holds the energy in the online public auction industry. Yet , complacency is definitely not appropriate. Future hazards may arise which could lead to a potential loss in its considerable market share, as a result a need for an analysis of the crucial factors in the company which should be compiled and analyzed to determine the best substitute courses of action. II. Issue

Just like any other business, eBay possesses its own share of problems. One of its biggest challenges is program breakdowns that could result to buyer dissatisfaction, ruined reputation not to mention, lost revenue. A company that may be largely dependent on its on the net features should always strive to deliver consistent web page stability. The timing is crucial for eBay, being hard to get at for hours at the same time will have any damage to the loyalty of its users.

Another major problem is the prospect of customer dissatisfaction, which is a reaction to its few minor complications, such as the lifestyle of deceptive transactions and misrepresentations, shipping and delivery troubles and unreliable repayment schemes. To be able to continuously delight in relative dominance in the online full marketplace, auction web sites should boost its providers by giving strategies to those slight problems. Internet fraud is usually an unwelcome part of the on the web industry which in turn be minimized if not totally removed. Shipping worries, on the other hand, will be a part of the trading industry, either on the web or offline, which should be resolved to prevent additional predicaments. Untrustworthy payment plans which are the part of any online exchange, especially multi-currency transactions, also needs to be dealt with. Failing to supply satisfactory customer satisfaction could be the drop of the business.

Lastly, though certainly not minimal is the firm competition. In practically every industry, you will find other players that would want a slice of this market. There are currently way too many rivals to count in this industry, and the number of potential rivals is potentially endless. The key opponents in the industry contain: Amazon sales, BidVille, ePier, uBid, Overstock, and Google Auctions. Auction web sites should try to have the major user base to fend off this competition, thus in this marketplace, it has to try to lure individuals shoppers over from its competitors. Auction web sites must consider its competition in each distinct market since, as was just pointed out, in some websites they may have the lead although in other folks they may not really.

III. SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis permits a company to determine its strong points, weaknesses, chances and hazards. A company's strengths happen to be its competencies within the company, while its weak points are the areas it needs to work on in the company. Equally opportunities and threats are present within the industry, and both equally represent adjustments that could replace the...

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