Business Administration questions and answers Essay

1 . What is the fundamental goal of business? Do all companies share this kind of goal? The essential goal of business is always to earn a profit. Not all organizations share this kind of goal as they are non-profit organizations.

2 . Brand the varieties a product will take and give a few examples of each.

The forms a product may take will be tangible and intangible. Concrete goods happen to be computers, clothes, automobiles, and food. Intangible goods will be services or ideas created by people.

3. Who will be the main individuals of business? What are the primary activities? How many other factors have an effect on the execute of organization in the United States? The main participants of business happen to be employees, consumers, and owners. The main actions are management, marketing, and finance. The other factors that affect the perform of organization in the United States are economic systems, the free-enterprise system, the concepts of supply and demand, as well as the role of competition.

four. What are four types of economic systems? Can you provide an example of a country using each type? The 4 types of economic devices are The reds, Socialism, Capitalism, and Mixed Economies. China uses the reds in the way the fact that government possesses and functions everything. India uses socialism in the way that people only individual small businesses as well as the government has and operates all major industrial sectors. The United States uses Capitalism in the way that all individuals own and operate most businesses.

a few. Explain the terms source, demand, balance price, and competition. How do these causes interact inside the American economic system? Supply is definitely the number of products that companies are willing to promote at diverse prices in a specific time. Demand may be the number of services and goods that individuals are willing to buy at distinct prices at a specific time. Equilibrium price are the price when the number of products businesses are willing to supply equals the number of items consumers are willing to buy at a specific...

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