Essay regarding BSc 39 MC Brona Russel Test 15


Academic Season 2011/2012

Bachelors of Research (Singapore) BSc 39 In your free time


Controlling Change

Mentor John Benson

Professor Brian Fynes

Doctor Brona Russell *

Period Allowed: a few Hours

Recommendations for Individuals

Answer three (3) queries.

All questions hold equal markings.

1 . Modify can occur as a process of progressive adjustment (gradualist paradigm) or perhaps as a unsuccessive[obs3], broken, interrupted process (often called highlighted equilibrium). Exactly what are the main variations between the two sorts of alter? Use good examples from your own experience to support details made. (50 marks)


Most businesses, if that they survive very long, experience transform as a pattern of highlighted equilibrium (discontinuous). Explain so why this is thus. (50 marks)

2 . Exactly what are the main attributes of an corporation according to spread out Systems Theory? (50 marks)


Explain why these characteristics allow the organization to outlive and grow, in spite of the challenges it might face from the inside the organization and from the external environment. (50 marks)

3. You are a change agent and you have been asked to identify the problems in an organization. Precisely what are the main areas that you will ought to analyse in order to make an examination of the organisation's internal and external challenges? In your answer you should bring on your familiarity with at least one of the diagnostic models covered on the program to rationalize your choice of areas. (Change agent and models)

4. One of the key tasks for the change agent is to gather data concerning the problems facing the organization, both equally internal and external. Illustrate the main strategies a change agent might use for collect info and the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

5. Stakeholders have the power to facilitate or perhaps hinder the change procedure. Describe how a change agent can measure the relative benefits of the stakeholders...

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