Enhance the Jean Valjean in You  Essay

It takes a man with great bravery to sacrifice his personal happiness in order to ensure the happiness of others. In the book, Les Miserables, Victor Hugo demonstrates the cost of sacrifice through one of the dominant characters, Jean Valjean, a great ex-convict on the run. Valjean is at prison for committing a petty criminal offense and after avoiding, makes a guarantee to Goodness to become a good man. This individual makes a guarantee to Fantine, a declining woman, that he will rescue her girl and detects himself 1 day his your life to make sure she is happy. Victor Hugo displays through Blue jean Valjean's existence the value of self-sacrifice and the positive effects it can have got on the people in the world.

Self-sacrifice and love get hand in hand. Usually people make sacrifices pertaining to the ones that they love since seeing all of them happy is rewarding. Jean Valjean recognizes the link between sacrifice and love direct through the Bishop of Vertueux. Jean Jacque Rousseau's " Noble Savages” asserts that, " gentleman is by character good; culture is the reason for corruption and vice” (Rousseau 1). Blue jean Valjean leads to jail following stealing some bread to feed his family. Valjean finds him self wandering the streets, trying to find shelter after getting out of penitentiary, and the Bishop takes him in. After receiving a complete meal and a place for others, Valjean steals his silver, only to end up being caught by police and taken back in the Bishop's house. In order to save Valjean, the Bishop is to the authorities saying he gave the silver to him, and tells him: Do not forget, at any time, that you have promised me to use this sterling silver to become a good man… Blue jean Valjean, my mate, you no longer participate in evil, but for good. It is your heart and soul I was buying for yourself. I pull away it from dark thoughts and from your spirit of perdition, and i also give it to Goodness! (Hugo 33) The Bishop explains just how sacrifice and forgiveness works extremely well as a form of love to advantage two people and society, along with his spiel, Valjean promises to change himself for the better. Within a similar new, Jane Eyre, the author, Charlotte now Bronte, shows the value of forgiveness through the main figure who demonstrates that forgiving the ones who manufactured someone's the child years a living terrible and even retained from them what could alleviated their pain (Jeff). Quite a few novels show how forgiveness will shape a person, just like just how, through the Bishop's forgiveness, Jean Valjean can change his personality for the better. Throughout his life, this individual finds him self transformed through love and self-sacrifice all thanks to that you night this individual stayed in the Bishop's property. Most people usually do not change over night, but on the long period of time. After giving Digne, Valjean encounters a boy, Ecourte Gervais, and steals his money as they is poor. The little youngster begs intended for his gold coin back, yet Valjean yells at him to keep. After recognizing what he had done and how he pennyless his guarantee, Valjean cried out: " Petit Gervais! ” His cries died away in the mist, without even awaking an echo… His knees suddenly bent beneath him, as though an invisible electric power suddenly overwhelmed him with all the weight of his negative conscience; this individual fell fatigued and cried out, " I'm this sort of a miserable guy! ” (Hugo 38) Valjean's inability to keep his assurance to be a very good man makes him finally realize just how much of a bad person this individual has become. Valjean finally appreciates his wrongdoings. For once in his life, he feels harmful to someone and recognizes his own disappointment. This scene is a turning point for Valjean as he starts to transform from a backstabbing thief, in a self-sacrificing charity donor. People should certainly learn to prefer the value of self-sacrifice in the next presented to them at the moment, instead of after they look as well as see what others have done for them.

Even though sacrifice is not easy, this must be done otherwise there will be terrible consequences. Some individuals cannot possibly find the heart to sacrifice intended for the one's they love, which means they do not self-sacrifice for people they do not actually...

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