Book Review: The Curious Episode of the Doggie in the Night time Essay

Title: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-timeFirst copy date: 2003 Author: Tag HaddonNumber of pages: 226

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Kind of book/genre: Imaginary novel Basic subject matter: autism, Asperger's syndrome, savant Unique features (maps, illustrations, photos, diagrams, color plates, etc . ):

Step 2: Consider the elements

Goal (inform, convince, evaluate):

To tell parents about the qualities of this book.

Intended viewers:

Parents who go through a parenting magazineReview span (word count): 606 Exactly where will review be printed?

The review will be published in the current Child parenting magazine. Design (first/third person, style, sculpt, vocabulary):

Will be informal, written in the first or perhaps second person, informal develop, and level 11 level vocabulary. (Note: the following must match)

General theme of assessment:

Father and mother and their teenage children will find this book educational, thought-provoking, heartwarming, funny and inspirational. Subject of review: A Truly Educational Read

A large number of diagrams and illustrations and an appendix explaining mathematics problems.

Step three: Think about the content (This must be compatible with the elements above) Introduction

Lift: Excerpt from the beginning of the story: " Your dog was deceased. There was a garden fork sticking out of the dog. ” Main thought: While offering insight into your head of a large functioning autistic teenager, this kind of novel is going to draw the readers in an unfamiliar community filled with life lessons that develop our understanding of ourselves. Using a stability of laughter and powerful emotion, readers will be entertained while as well being inspired to face lifestyle courageously.



Biographical information about the author

Analysis of the main character Captain christopher Boone

Plan summary

Criticism of story

Author's style and ability to convey

a comprehension of the autistic mind

Use of vulgar discussion adds realism

Use of...

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