Auguste Comte Theory about Sociology Dissertation

Chapter Summary

Positivism The thoughts of Juste Comte (1798-1857), who coined the term sociology, while out dated and full of weaknesses, continue in many ways being important to modern sociology. Above all, Comte's positivism — the search for invariant laws regulating the sociable and normal worlds — has inspired profoundly many ways in which sociologists have conducted sociological request. Comte asserted that sociologists (and additional scholars), through theory, conjecture, and scientific research, could create a realist science that will accurately " copy" or represent how things really are in the world. Furthermore, Comte asserted that sociology could get a " interpersonal physics" — i. electronic., a social science on the par with the most positivistic of savoir, physics. Comte believed that sociology would eventually sit on the very epitome of a pecking order of sciences. Comte as well identified 4 methods of sociology. To this day, in their inquiries sociologists continue to use the methods of remark, experimentation, comparability, and historical research. Although Comte do write about ways of research, he most often engaged in speculation or perhaps theorizing in order to attempt to discover invariant laws of the cultural world. Comte's famed " law from the three stages" is an example of his seek out invariant laws governing the social globe. Comte asserted that the individual mind, individual human beings, every knowledge, and world record develop through three effective stages. The theological level is centered by a search for the essential character of points, and people come to believe that all phenomena are manufactured and affected by gods and great forces. Monotheism is the supreme belief in the theological level. The spiritual stage is known as a transitional level in which mystical, abstract forces (e. g., nature) change supernatural makes as the powers that explain the workings worldwide. The positivist stage is definitely the last and highest level in Comte's...

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