Audrey Hepburn Essay

Audrey Hepburn was born on, may 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. In May 1935, her mother found Joseph, Audrey's father cheating with one other woman. Paul then remaining instantly, and not returned. Audrey was six years old, and for her it was absolutely bashing. " A tragedy from which I don't believe I've ever recovered. " (7) As a child Audrey envied other people's dads and was upset that she didn't have a daddy. After he had left them to go through, Audrey skipped him a whole lot, and had experienced a solitude in her life. " My father strolled out on all of us. All my personal relationships have been completely marked at this time sense of abandonment, that has never made me. " (20)

At school Audrey was a incredibly bright qstudent. She was interested in geography, but her dance lessons was what brought her out of her rut. She was shy, and intensely sensitive, but when t arrived at dance the girl was a organic. " The moment she was on stage, despite the fact that she merely knew slightly, you immediately saw a flame lit the audience. By this time Audrey had become a slim girl, high for her era, with a rosy complexion and brown hair; she built the perfect little ballerina. " (7)

Later in Audrey's existence she started to be interested in operating, and staying on stage. In September 51, Audrey went for New York. It was her first time departing Europe, and travelled onto her own. The girl had virtually no experience whatsoever on Broadway, though much less in Hollywood, and was the only actress chosen at the same instant a New You are able to stage overall performance, and a north american motion picture. GiGi, opening night time on Broadway was a greatly popular accomplishment. The production was sensational, and the play sold-out the following one day. " Her celebrity status pleased Audrey, but your woman retained her freshness and modesty. " (11)

In the meantime, Audrey attained a lot of recognition and was quite active with her dancing and professional life. " GiGi ended in Might 1952 after more than 200 shows. She experienced no time to rest however; she had to take flight to Rome to start function...

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