Characteristic of sites Delivery Article

Queen. 1) Precisely what are the characteristics of services that is to be most appropriate intended for internet delivery? Internet service can be provided through telephone lines. Internet connection speed can generally end up being divided into two categories: dialup and internet connection Characteristics of the Internet:

The functions of the Net that influence its performance in service may be divided broadly into Information and Connection. " The advantages arise through the Internet's enormous capacity to hyperlink participants with information and with each other. The Information and Connectivity of the Net have unique characteristics: Information:

•Information on the Internet is multimedia--capable of having girl images, sound and video. Place be expensive to generate, but significantly there are open up sources of these kinds of content which might be free of charge. When produced, the cost of distribution from the information is definitely nominal in comparison to that of making hard-copy catalogs, CDs and films.

•Information on the Internet can be hyperlinked. This permits equally tutors and learners to assemble large systems of information coming from a wide variety of resources without actually having to store the information in a single place; electronic. g., in writing or a hard disk. Hyperlinks within information on the Internet enables users to find or perhaps cite extra sources of essential information.

•Information on the Internet is searchable. Search engines such as Google allow users to look for information on every imaginable subject.

•Intelligent brokers can be designed to search the net for particular information and inform the user of the presence and location of that information. Actually these brokers can harvesting pertinent info and deliver it for the user's personal pc.

•Information on the Net originates from around the world sources. Users are no longer restricted to the collection, gallery, museum or video or record store within their locale. Connectivity:

•Probably one of the most powerful attribute...

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