Essay regarding Antigone vs . Iliad

Love is an extremely powerful sentiment. In both Antigone plus the Iliad there are many different types of affection portrayed. His passion one has for their child for example , or the take pleasure in for a close family member or friend. Addititionally there is the love one particular experiences whenever they feel they may have found their very own mate in every area of your life. In analyzing the excerpts from Antigone and The Iliad I was capable to draw the conclusion that Antigone portrays the different types of affection in a more practical way. Once i read The Iliad for the first time the portrayal of love that was standing out the most in my opinion was the appreciate Priam got for his son Hector. Priam staying the ruler of Troy risked his life by simply walking on to the enemy's war camp in order to plead the man that killed his son intended for the rights to his body. " Pity me personally in my own right, bear in mind your individual father! I actually deserve more pity... I use endured what no one that is known has ever before done before- I place my lip area to the hands of the guy who slain my son” (83). I actually didn't find this portrayal of love realistic because it is my opinion which a king would not commit such a selfish deed including risk his life actively in individuals times. The king could have considered his people wonderful kingdom and just how much he was needed rather than his own selfish suffering over a useless son. Likewise the portrayal of love in Antigone that was more realistic to me was the appreciate Antigone believed for her sibling Polynices. Your woman loved her brother enough to risk her existence in order to give him a proper burial ceremony. " My actions will please who they are designed to please” (92). One of the reasons this seems even more realistic in my experience over The Iliad was that Antigone didn't experience any sort of responsibility for anyone yet herself. The girl didn't have a empire to watch over or kids to tend. Also, the only person Antigone was defying by giving her brother his burial legal rights was her uncle Creon (the king). " He has no directly to keep myself from my personal own” (92). In my opinion, Antigone figured Creon would sit back on her because she was...

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