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four. Planning, charging, organisational procedure


1 .

StationaryApprox $20 each week totalling $1040 yearly

MaterialsApprox $40 a week totalling $2080 yearly

FoodApprox $100 each week totalling $5200 yearly

Cleaning SuppliesApprox $30 per week totalling $ 1560 yearly Building maintenance ( including purifiers, gardeners)Approx $80 per week totalling $4160yearly Electrical power billApprox $900 per 1 / 4 totalling around $3600 annually Water billApprox $300 every quarter totalling approx $1200 yearly Small cashApprox hundred buck per week totalling approx $5200 yearly Nappies / wipes / toiletriesApprox $150 weekly totalling around $7800 annually Other suppliesApprox $50 per week totalling around $ 2600 yearly MiscellaneousApprox $50 weekly totally around $ 2600 yearly TOTAL: Approx money 37, 040

2 . Staff requirements (based on 2005 Docs regulations staff: kid ratios) and including ancillary staff. - Nursery space: 1 care-giver to 5 children

- Toddler room: one particular caregiver to eight children

-Preschool room: you caregiver to 10 children

The services is a 30 place extended day care centre, operating twenty four weeks with the year. The kids include: five 0-2 12 months olds and this room will need 1 carer, eight 2-3 year olds this space would in addition need 1 carer. Sixteen 3-5 year olds would need 2 carers. I would also have 1 to 2 extra staff to cover sick and tired leave, vacation leave, maternal leave and days off that FT personnel may take.

3. The nursery staff would need to always be diploma competent only one staff is necessary according to the regulations. The toddler room would in addition need 1 carer this person can be quite a certificate 3 qualified based on the regulations. To get the kindergarten room they can need 2 carers one can possibly be the preschool room leader who be qualified Diploma as well as the assistant that might have a certificate III

Setting Staff income: Step 1 Advanced CCW Diploma permanent part time, 40hrs @ $18. 17 = $726. 8 a week ($37, 793. 6 per year) Toddler staff income: Step 1 CCW...

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