Annotated Bibliography: Domestic Assault and Its Results on Kids Essay

Annotated Bibliography: Household Violence and its particular effects about Children

Groves, M. M. (1999). Mental Overall health Services for youngsters Who See Domestic Physical violence. The Future of Children, 9(3), 122-132. This article provides a good launch for professionals working with children who see family violence. The article summarizes the effects domestic violence can have on children including; aggressiveness, major depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and sleep deprival. The author stresses the importance of proper recognition and assessment of children confronted with domestic assault. There are four goals of intervention referred to in this article: reducing the children's sense of isolation, helping children to comprehend their psychological responses to violence, minimizing the symptoms that children experience (e. g. nightmares) and working together with the family to develop a secure and growing environment for the child. In that case there are restorative approaches such as group therapy which are reviewed. The article states that an good thing about group function is that it breaks the child's perception of seclusion and enables children to spot with each other. In summary, the article discusses the challenges facing experts in this area. The first is addressing the potential of concurrent kid abuse or perhaps neglect as well as the second is definitely meeting the complex psychological needs in the child consumer and his/her family. Silvern, L. & Kaersvang, D. (1989). The Traumatized Kids of Violent Marriages. Kid Welfare, 68(4), 421-435. This article presents incredibly specific landscapes of treatment for children who also witness relatives violence. In the introduction, the authors state " This article hypothesizes that traumatization underlies the difficulties these types of children experience…interventions should be designed to counteract post-traumatic disorders" (p. 422). The authors begin by defining the emotions experienced during the distressing event of witnessing parental violence. These kinds of feelings incorporate fear,...

Bibliography: Silvern, T. & Kaersvang, L. (1989). The Traumatized Children of Violent Partnerships. Child Well being, 68(4), 421-435.

This article presents extremely specific landscapes of treatment for children who also witness friends and family violence

Kilpatrick, K. T., Litt, M. & Williams, L. M. (1997). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Kid Witnesses to Domestic Violence. American Diary of Orthopsychiatry, 67(4), 639-644.

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