A Description of Hurricanes Essay

Alexander Mazariego

Informative Format II

Subject: Hurricanes

Market: Classmates and Instructor of Summer session Communications school at Austin Peay University. General Purpose: To see

Specific Purpose: To inform my own audience of what a typhoon is, history on some of the worst hurricanes in history as well as how to prepare for a one. Thesis: Hurricanes are one of the worst all-natural disasters but with a little bit of knowledge and some preparing you can greatly improve your chances of coming out of a hurricane unscathed. I. Launch

A. Attention Getter: Early Wednesday morning six years ago one of the most severe natural unfortunate occurances to ever before occur in america took place. In that fateful morning a city that is known for its good times and crazy outlandish habit was forever being improved by Storm Katrina. M. Reason to Listen: The more you understand about hurricanes, the better your chances of enduring and while minimizing the danger you put yourself in. C. Thesis Statement: The more knowledge you could have and with a plan you can help minimize the dangers of the hurricane. D. Credibility Affirmation:

1 ) Living in California most of warring, I have experienced many hurricanes. 2 . I've done study and put ideas into actions during a hurricane. E. Preview of Key Point:

1 . First, Let me discuss exactly what a hurricane is and the diverse stages of one. 2 . Second, I talk about some of the most severe hurricanes at any time to be documented. 3. Lastly, I will offer you some tips on how to make and produce a plan that could help lessen the dangers you can expect to face when having a storm.

II. Hurricanes are one of the most detrimental natural unfortunate occurances but with some knowledge and several preparation you may greatly make your chances of appearing out of a typhoon unscathed. A. Hurricanes are tropical storms that have endured wind acceleration of seventy five mph or greater. That they...

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