A Sick and tired Medicaid System Essay

A Sick Medical planning System

August 5, 2012

Maine Department of Human Providers (DHS) thought that they needed a new Medicaid system to ensure that information could be safer, accurate, and supplied more capabilities. This new system needed to be up to date with the new HIPAA requirements. DHS managers reasoned that building a new system can be easier and less expensive to take care of than upgrading and maintaining the old system (Oz, 2009). In 2001 DHS merged a proposal. They received two offers. DHS find the lowest bid from a firm called CNSI. CNSI had no experience with a Medical planning system. When trying to build this new program there was almost no communication among CNSI and the medical experts. In 2003 the modern governor Steve Baldacci merged the Office of Behavioral and Developing Services with the Department of Human Providers in the fresh Department of Health and Man Services (Oz, 2009). In doing this the new program was a catastrophe. The claims were being rejected and medical providers were required to take out financial loans and some were required to close all their businesses due to no payments. DHHS droped so far at the rear of due to the system they had to hire more experts. Instead of the program costing $15 million they'd to pay out seventy dollars million and so they were six years lurking behind. Were there any factors that contributed to the project inability which were not the because of the task team and its particular leaders? There have been several elements that played out a flow in the project failure. The first concern was the fact that they simply had two RFP's and the states mind of purchase that hand picked the lower of the two bids. When making the choice he/she don't hold in account that they didn't execute any type of research for either company, they will checked simply no references, they will checked not any past tasks of CNSI, and remaining no area for negotiations for the more experienced company. By choosing CNSI as a result of lower wager they...

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