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UPDATE 05/25/2010 - A mailing list pertaining to the discussion of induction heating system and heating elements has been established. You may sign up by clicking here. 03/22/2010 Update -- Our business web site, http://www.fluxeon.com is now installed and operating. В Even now in a primary stage and so don't be too much on all of us. В This is the place to go to obtain kits and induction heaters. 09/16/09 Upgrade - Please read this site for a fundamental description with the heater and then go here for the very significant upgrade. 10/19/09 Update -- Increase the electrical power output with this heater to > 1500 watts for less money than the usual rectified mains voltage supply using a Power Element Correction (PFC) Board12/17/09 Revise - The commercial auto-tune, auto-power-control version of this heating unit is almost ready for market. В A new organization has been formed, Fluxeon. В Keep an eye on www.fluxeon.net for developments. Note: В Please email Garett for almost any business-related inquiries. В Just email me with technical questions, as I i am not active in the business. 01/02/10 Update - My friend Jonathan has just placed a website below that files his 2kW PLL self-tuning heater. В I worked with him quite closely within this project. В An excellent design and style. 02/18/10 Upgrade - Check in with my new open source heater, the Royer architecture. В Even better than that one. Presented the following is an approximately 500 watts induction heating unit that you can build at home by commonly available parts. В It is easy to build and easy to use and is competent of many steel heating applications. В The specific heater proven here was created for heat " getters" and electrodes in gas discharge lamp assemblies. В The result is which the work coil is mounted on the electronic devices box. В It could quickly be situated in a " wand" by the end of a cable television. I'm going to assume that you've examine Richie's page that includes the theory of induction heating system and specifically the seite an seite resonant buildings that I decided to go with for this heaters. В The heater involves three fundamental parts 2. An oscillator * A power augmenter * A resonant reservoir circuitPlus, of course , the power items and ancillary hardware. В This is termed as a manual track unit. В That is, the frequency in the oscillator should be manually modified to the resonant frequency with all the work part inside the work coil. В This is in 3 easy steps by virtue of the tuning meter. В The frequency is actually adjusted before the meter peaks, that is, exhibits the highest browsing. В | В В В | | Here is a photography of the done unit. В The peaking meter can be on the left. В The large black knob controls a variac that pieces the power result. В The 10 convert pot beneath the Variac is a tuning control that pieces the functioning frequency. В On the lower right side of the field is the function coil. В When in operation, this coils has several hundred amps of RF current flowing in it. | | A number of views of the inside of the field. В Crucial note: В The heat sinks shown inside the photo are generally not large enough to get continuous make use of. В With fan chilling they're good for about a day. В That is more than enough to get processing getters and lamp electrodes. В If you plan on making use of this heater for longer durations, you should fit larger heat sinks. В | |

| Two landscapes of the tank circuit. В Because array amps goes in the reservoir, the conductors must be hefty. В The latest must be pass on across many capacitors. В The capacitors are polypropylene " Fruit Drop" shelves. В You will discover 24 zero. 022uF, 500 volt hats and two 0. 1uF 400 volt caps to get a total capability of 0. 7305uF. В This resonates with the five turn coils at about 300khz. | |

| These photos show some details of the enclosure. В While you probably will not use the same enclosure we did, the photos illustrate some important features. The first stage is that the field and anything surrounding the tank is non-metallic. В We would not need to be heat the enclosure! В The pink power fiberglass...

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