Essay upon 12 Angry Men: Research

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Dr . Lipson

Organizational Habit 200

01 November 2009

" 12 Angry Men” Analysis

By the sound than it, you would believe " doze Angry Men” would be a soccer game, although a lot can be stated for a court proceeding which movie will do a great job of showing that. Twelve several men with twelve different personalities happen to be locked within a room right up until they can with one voice agree to a judgement, a decision if to put a great 18 year old boy to death to get a murder charge, or allow him to go free of charge. When they your room, the mood and feeling was non-chalant, like it was a and shut case, but after a preliminary vote not really everyone was in agreement. The proceedings that followed were longer, and even more taxing than they predicted but the much longer they discussed it, the more clear the picture became.

The only person that didn't political election the youngster guilty was a man by the name of Henry Hosteria. He was an architect, a stout guy with good posture. Having been the " voice of reason” with regard to making an honest decision. He knew the magnitude in the decision that were there to make, and wanted to talk it out. Mr. Fonda was rational, deductive, and became the information and opinion seeker throughout the proceedings. His characteristics had been synonymous together with the style associated with a Thinker-type personality. Through the proceedings occasionally the men took on multiple roles, shifting between tendencies types based upon the introduction of new material. Such was the case with Steve Fiedler, a bank teller who quietly assumed the role of the Energizer. He was the one to see the relatedness among ideas and helped induce new ways to the rest of the group. When it became clearer, he was able to reiterate what the architect was aiming to convey. Mister. Fiedler helped Mr. Pension prove his theory the fact that eyewitness downstairs couldn't make it to the door in time to see the boy be used up. However , the bank teller had not been the first one to reverse his vote.

It was Mr. Sweeney, a great empathetic old man with a good attention and eager sense of character. He previously a key role early on inside the proceedings that introduced the idea the eyewitness was creating his testimony because he appreciated the attention he got and wanted to think that he was essential to someone. Even though it didn't sit well initially, the idea helped connect new material regarding the eyewitness that started to be apparent later. Sweeney was the one to set up the information, kind it out and digest that. He will make a connection between new information and the activity at hand. Mister. Sweeney acquired the style of a feeler type personality. He was empathetic toward the eyewitness, and loyal to the Architect to get doing the ideal thing.

Mr. Fonda, Fiedler, and Sweeney were some of the " 12 upset men” that have been concerned with achieving the team task. That is, to come to an honest and legit verdict for the boy. Jack Warden a snowboarding fan, Mister. Marshall, a stockbroker, and Mr. Cobb, a messenger of some type, played the opposite role of accomplishing the task because were most concerned with themselves and their personal needs.

Jack shown behavior that way of an Avoider. He would sulk and continue to be silent, not really interested in chatting it through. He was rapide from the start as they had seats to a baseball game and didn't desire to be late. He was convinced which the boy was guilty because of how the evidence was laid out. Often times he'd comment on the fan no longer working in the room, or take destroys to the bath room to stop speaking about the case. He focused on nonessential points to the testimony and wanted everything spelled out to get him, however, easiest understood terms. That wasn't until the old man's eyewitness account became difficult to rely on, the trajectory of the stabbing came into query, and this started pouring that he decided to have your vote " not really guilty”. But his basis for voting not liable was because he was sick and tired of arguing. Plug Warden's actions are typical of an Avoider.

Mr. Marshall had the normal...

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