What do I have to write my college essay about

Thinking “what do I write my college essay about”? The easiest answer would be, you can write about everything. However, the answer that you might not like would be to write not only one essay, but ten essays in a row all about different topics. Write about the happiest day in your life, your favorite pet you had when you were a kid, about your grandmother's pancakes or about the funniest story ever happened to you and your friend, about world politics or religious wars. When you've got these essays written, put them away and forget for a week or two. Afterwards, reread all of them. This is the only way how you can evaluate your writing skills objectively and understand what your writing level is. But if your task is to write an essay right away, we provided some pro-tips for you below in the article. Read them carefully and start working on your assignment.

Essay prompts for beginners

If you're assigned to write an essay for college, but they didn't give you any prompts so you could come up with your own topic, we prepared some of them. You can use them as an idea for your own topic, or take one as an already made prompt.

  • Is there one thing in the world that means so much to you, but no one else care about this thing? What makes it so important?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • What do you think about teachers expressing their political or religious beliefs during the class in a college? Do you have teachers like that?
  • What kind of relationship between people you consider the most meaningful and significant in one's life? Do you have this kind of relationship?
  • What would you like to change in your college and why? Are you satisfied with the education program or do you think it has to be further developed?
  • What kind of books do you like to read? What is your favorite writer and why?
  • If you could do whatever you want in the world, what would it be? What is your dream job?

The deep meaning of college essays

You might not think about it, but the ultimate goal of college essays is to unfold your personality, which is something that cannot be done through grades only. This is how you can show who you really are, while also demonstrating your writing skills. Here some tips in this regard.

  • Start working on your essay with brainstorming. The beginning itself is the toughest part, but once you got started, half of your work is already done. So think about your personality specificities and your strengths, and make a list of them.
  • Don't try to make the first draft perfect. Nobody's first draft is perfect. You need to just let it flow, writing down all possible thoughts and ideas coming to your mind. You can do mistakes in your first draft because you will improve all of them afterwards.
  • Divide your essay into three essential parts. The introduction (to introduce the topic of your essay to the reader), the body (the main part, usually three to five paragraphs) and conclusion (to summarize your ideas).
  • Specificity os important. You need to give a certain focus to your essay, which means that there has to be one main idea followed by all kinds of arguments, examples and evidences to support it.
  • Make your angle creative. This is about your ability to think differently, which makes any essay remarkable. Express your unique point of view in original manner, like no one did before.
  • Keep it honest. Whatever the essay question asks you about, you have to be honest with yourself, and with the reader as well. Don't think what they want to hear from you, better think what you can tell them that they have never heard in their lives before.
  • Get some feedback. You can show your draft to your friends or your family to get some comments. It's hard to evaluate your own work objectively, and feedback is very helpful here. However, consider their comments, but keep your voice anyway.
  • Remember proofreading and making corrections. Check the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, make sure your essay is perfectly written.

How do I write my college essay to impress admissions officers

Probably you never thought about it, but while you're spending days or even weeks on your writing skills, rewriting your essay over and over again, until it looks completely perfect and even then you're not completely satisfied and you think you could do better, college admissions officers spend no more than five minutes to read you paper. In other words, you only have one chance to impress them and you have to use this chance wisely.

Having said that, you need to stop trying too hard. Sounds like a paradox, but it is what it is. According to what many professors say, the biggest mistake most of the students commit when applying to the college, is trying too hard to impress the committee. The thing is, the reader always feels whether you're honest or you're just pretending to be someone else to make an impression. That is why, you need to just relax and be yourself. You don't have to sound like Hemingway.

Find your own truth

When some students ask themselves “what do I write my college essay about”, they sometimes come up with the wrong idea that they have to please the committee by writing what they want to hear instead of writing what they personally have to say. This couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, you have to write about what matters to you, you have to express your individuality without being afraid that someone won't agree with your point of view. They may not like what you say, but they need to like how you say it. The ability to speak honestly will show your courage, which will for sure win hearts of admissions officers.

More than that, authenticity is exactly what college admissions officers are looking for. They don't want you to be a copy of someone else or pretend like you are someone who you are not. You can look back in the history and you will find out that the most successful people in the world are those who were not afraid of expressing their opinion no matter what.

How do I inspire to write my college essay

Inspiration is a great deal whatever it comes to. The best thing you can do to inspire yourself, is to read success stories of famous people, to listen to some inspirational speeches. It will take some time, but if you get inspired, you will cope with your writing assignment much faster, it will be much better and ideas will easily come to your mind, you will just need to write them down immediately.

Once you know the topic to write about, make sure it matters to you. You need to really care about what you write, this is the only way you can make your reader care about it.

Some more tips for a great college essay

There are some more things we want you to know before you proceed to writing your college essay. Take a look at them.

  • Choose the topic that is important to you. Whether it is a person, your life experience, some kind of philosophical issue or a book, it has to be important to you, otherwise you will get bored during writing and it won't sound good.
  • Recounting is not reflecting. To succeed, you need to analyze, show how that or another thing, person or situation changed your life or your beliefs. Just telling a story is not enough, you need to show why this story matters to you so much.
  • Don't procrastinate and don't wait until the deadline. The earlier you begin, the more chances to succeed you have.
  • Don't rewrite someone else's essay. You need to create your own, don't use common statements or steal someone else's ideas. Keep it unique.
  • If you have a specific question in the assignment, answer specifically.
  • Don't be too serious or too funny. There has to be harmony in your essay. Giving a nice joke is a good idea, as well as reflecting deeply on some issue. But let there be some contrast. It will make your essay more interesting.

Why your college essay is important

No matter how many tasks you are assigned to complete apart from the essay, they all are going to be overshadowed if you don't write the essay appropriately. It's the only assignment that gives you a chance to show who you really are, to express your individuality and tell the things about yourself that really matter. Many students have achievements in sport, volunteering experience and talents, but none of that makes them special. What really make them special, is their individuality, the way they perceive the world and how they see themselves in it, their dreams and beliefs. This is exactly what you have to focus on to make your essay remarkable.

Can anyone write my college essay? Yes, the answer is yes. We can help you with your writing assignment in all possible ways, including giving you additional tips and guidelines and writing your paper for you. We have much experience in this kind of writing and we know what admissions officers consider remarkable. Contact us right away and you will get your perfect essay written.

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